Diagnosis For More Than One Condition Possible?

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The short answer to that is; yes. To the uninitiated, this may well seem like news. But yet it is entirely possible, given the circumstances. And those with at least a rudimentary knowledge of psychology and psychiatry could already begin to understand and appreciate how dual diagnosis hopkinsville treatment becomes possible. All you need do is pick out any number of psychological or psychiatric conditions or disorders to see why this could be the case.

Just so you know how this is practically possible, let’s provide you with a brief sketch. Take the current COVID pandemic crisis, for instance. A patient who always appeared to cope well with life’s challenges now faces previously unknown circumstances. Losing his job and even losing a family member. This could happen and indeed it must have happened by now, given the high rate of deaths at this time.

He may always have appeared so self-assured before but now no longer seems to cope. Previously mild-mannered, he is now having to deal with high levels of stress and anxiety. Having to endure such distress could even lead to irrational behavior, and of course, taking the wrong fork in the road when it is important to make certain that those big, life-altering decisions are the correct ones. He needs either psychological or psychiatric help to cope, all depending on the condition diagnosed and the severity thereof.

Of course, there are numerous other distress signals that may require a dual diagnosis approach to therapy and these need not always be mental or emotional. They could of course, also be physical. Of course, a patient may require physical therapy whilst undergoing treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of surviving a horrific automobile crash too.